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Welcome to Oraa Care: Dental Clinic for best Endodontist, Prosthodontist & Orthodontist/Braces Specialist in Dwarka.We Guarantee High-Quality, different Dental Work by experts at Best Prices in Dwarka

Looking for an advanced and affordable Dentist in Dwarka? Here we are at Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic - the highly specialized and professional Dental Clinic in Dwarka. We take pride in introducing ourselves as the futuristic special care & add-on dentistry in managing biggest to smallest of dental problem of our patients. We cure/treat the issues accordingly and provide preventive measures for recurrence.

Tooth decay, loosing tooth, gum problems or jaw line correction is no more beyond the advancement of modern dentistry. We are the first dental set up to introduce Microscopic Dentistry in Dwarka, Delhi for better vision resulting in outstanding outcome.

Dental Tourism in Dwarka is your best option, because dentists at Oraa Care are the best!

There has been an ever increasing development in the world of dentistry. And surprisingly the flow of dental patients is simultaneously increasing too. In fact, Delhi has become the top destination for dental tourism, the most visited city, and has gained a reputation for having the best dentists in the country.

But Wait . . . Is It Safe to Be in Oraa care?

That’s one of the most common questions dental patients in India and all across ask, and our answer remain the same for all the years we’ve been in business: YES.

The dread and disquiet in respect to oral procedures are completely understandable, although they may not be as serious as the blogs, social media or even how your acquaintances want to portray them to be.

Dentistry in past some years has evolved to be more about aesthetics, outlook, functionality, & self-esteem.

As with the ongoing evolution in the field of dentistry, the dental procedures too are becoming premium in a realistic way to aid patients in leading a pain free, stress free and a completely normal life even in growing years.

We truly do not believe in the idea of compromising quality and safety over price. Our dental clinic is managed and operated by board-certified professionals, from our dentists to Endodontist, and Implantologists to Prosthodontist. Many of them are recognized to be the top-rated dental care professionals in the city, and they are extensively trained with in-and-outpatients patients’ settings. Since we are transparent with our procedures, we make sure that patients are 100% aware of the process, and set expectations correctly.

Welcome to Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic

Welcome to the professional zone of Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic

We have Dr. Mrs. Pankaj Rao as our senior Endodontist who is a leading Dentist in Dwarka . Having specialization in Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, RCT Filling and other services that an Endodontist performs. She has been awarded as Best Dentist In Delhi at Indian Habitat Centre.

Laying its first stone in 2011, the Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic in Dwarka is headed by prestigious Dr. Mrs. Pankaj Rao (Endodontist) & Dr. Yogesh Rao (Prosthodontist). In such a short span of time, the clinic has been honored of high standing eminence in Dwarka with a transparent approach of offering the best procedures, advice with the best course of cost-effective dental treatment. Being a multi specialist clinic we truly understand what all it takes to be a specialist and how a specialist is equipped to take better control and care of any dental issue than a dentist without specialization (B.D.S.). We not only have specialists typically expertise and experienced in their subject, but our staff too is well experienced as specialist in their department of work.

Our support staff is always available to address your issues and answer queries. You can easily reach us through phone or e-mail.

Specialists in our team:

  • Endodontist (Dr. Mrs. Pankaj Rao)
  • Prosthodontist (Dr. Yogesh Rao)
  • Orthodontist (Dr. Yoginder Yadav)
  • Pedodontist (Dr. Seema Sangwan)
  • Dental Surgeon (Dr. Avani Mahajan)
  • Periodontist (Dr. Vishnu Mittal)
  • Oral Pathologist (Dr. Sheetal)

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